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Only working with steam version. EA APP has limited features
  • How to use the "No loss" hack:

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    So, basically, you need to play a Division Rival match after you use the "No Loss" feature on a Fut Champ match, because if you just go ahead and use no loss again on a second FutChmp match, the previous game will count as a lost game.

    In short, "Play FutChmp match > Use no loss > Play DR match > Use no loss" so this way when you start another FutChmp match, only the DR match will count as a lost match.
  • How to use squad battles features:
  • How to use Pro clubs unlimited skill points:
  • How to activate: Legacy Defending
  • How to use: Green time finish - GTF

System Requirements and Information

Supported CPU  Intel , AMD
Supported OS  Windows 10 & 11 (All versions)

How to check my OS version?

On the search bar, type "Winver" to check your Windows version.


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- Disconnect win (First you need to score a goal then activate for DR only)
- Disconnect win v2 (for DF, DR, FutCH)
- Anti Alt-Tab
- Full Players tab and sub tab
- DR opp Rating / Chemistry stats
- 2x match time
- Freeze ball
- LD for SB
- SB Difficulty change
- Division Rivals spoofer
- Draft with 0 winning opponent
To use full features on ea app, you have to install windows 10 1809 build.
However, you can buy the game on steam and link it with your current ea account and use all the features below!


Green Time Finishing
Players link: full chemistry
Division Rivals next opponent info (club rating & chemistry)
5 stars skill moves
5 stars weak foot
WL/DF opponent Club ID
WL/DF opponent Origin ID
Pro Clubs and Season: 99 Skills (PC need be captain)
Pro Clubs: Unlimited skill points
Pro Clubs: Reset skill points
Full players traits
Legacy Defending
Edit player chemistry style
Edit player work rate for ATT & DEF
Edit player position
Edit player preferred foot
Save/Load players config
Ai vs Online opponent
Anti AFK
GTF Freekick
Opponent platform checker
Change player workrates and position
Rivals division spoofer (You can choose in what Division Rank you wanna play and find opponents)
Play DF with 0 winning opp. (Play Draft against opponent that won 0 games.)
Squad Battles: 2x match time
Squad Battles: Freeze ball
Squad Battles: AI Difficulty change
Contextual Agile Dribbling - ON
Auto Clearances - ON
Auto Flair Pass - ON
Auto Shots - ON
Assisted Headers - ON
Jockey - Assisted
Through Pass Assistance - Assisted
Freeze ball to disconnect opponent when loosing in online match (match won't count for anyone)