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EA FC 24 hack & FIFA 24 hack with GTF, division changer and more.

This hack can help you win more games in Ultimate Team in the EA Sports new game FC 24. It works on all modes such as Division Rivals, Fut Champions and Squad battles.

System Requirements and Information

Supported CPU  Intel , AMD
Supported OS  Windows 10 & 11 (23H2 Included)
Platform  Steam, EA APP, Epic games, Xbox app
How to check my OS version?
On the search bar, type "Winver" to check your Windows version.


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- Disconnect win (First you need to score a goal then activate for DR only)
- Disconnect win v2 (for DF, DR, FutCH)
- Anti Alt-Tab

FIFA 24 / EA FC 24 Hack By FUT

Experience an exciting transformation in the FIFA 24 / EA FC 24 game, where you can gain the upper hand with the FIFA 24 / EA FC 24 Hack FUT. This hack opens up a world of possibilities within the football game, offering you the chance to fine-tune your players, enhancing their abilities with 5-star skills or introducing lower-quality skill moves to up the challenge.

One of the most remarkable features is the green time finishing cheat, ensuring that every shot in this sports FC mobile 24 game finds its mark. This hack is a game-changer for those seeking an effortless path to victory in skill game matches and tournaments within FIFA 24 / EA FC 24.

The FIFA 24 / EA FC 24 FUT Hack is a highly practical tool that revolutionizes the game, enabling you to adjust the game's optimization techniques and accomplish previously unthinkable feats in this football world. If you've ever aspired to gain an unfair advantage over your opponents in this mobile football universe, be sure to acquire the EA FC Hack By FUT without delay.

With this powerful hack, you can elevate your existing styles of playstyle plus rated players to new heights in the ultimate team, where players gain an edge in FIFA 24. You can also manipulate player ratings, sell players and goalkeepers at market prices, and even aim and shoot while remaining invisible in this football game.

Elevate your gaming experience in the football game, sports FC mobile 24, and FIFA 24 with this innovative hack. Unleash your full potential and achieve victory with ease in this thrilling sports adventure.

EA FC 24 FUT Hack Features!

Ultimate Team (online & offline)

Auto Bypass "Alt-tab"
Division Rivals Opponent Stats (Chemistry / Rating / Platform)
Green time finishing
Hidden Green Time Finishing
AI vs Online - easy 20-0 in WL
Legacy Defending
Anti "Away From Keyboard" (afk)
Divison Changer
Hide Origin ID
GTF Free kick
Competitive master switch

Squad Battles

2x match time
Freeze ball
SB Difficulty change
SB Legacy Defending
Control Home/Away side


Play against 0 winning opponent

Pro clubs

Skills 99 for Pro clubs (need be captain)
Unlimited skill points
EA patched
Reset skill points
Players Play styles
Bots with 99 skills
& more

Features Explained!

Ultimate Team (online & offline)


This feature is auto enabled when the menu is injected, it will allow you to ALT-TAB the game without pausing the game when you are in a Squad Battles match. You can activate it at any time.

Division Rivals Opponent Stats (Chemistry / Rating / Platform)

This options is activated automatically and cannot be deactivated, it will show the ussername + the platform of your opponent (PC/PS5/XBOX).


This feature will enable perfect green timed shots, every time you press the shot button once. Be aware that this is a new options, which requires only one tap for power, the second will will be done by the game, this feature doesn't enable 2 tap TIMED FINISHNG anymore. Also, depending on your ping/jitter, sometimes it may not time the shots at all, like 2/20 times, so you will do a normal shot instead. You can activate it anytime.

AI vs Online - easy 20-0 in WL

This feature will let the CPU play for you in WL matches. The Ai is strong and will get you easy wins in Fut champs.

Legacy Defending

Makes it possible to use legacy defending in ultimate team, as it's grayed out in controller settings when playing FUT.

Anti  AFK

This feature will remove the AFK timer that pop up if you are AFK for more than 30 seconds in any online mode.

Divison Changer

Same as draft modifier, you need to press on +- to increase/decrease the division you want to play in. The value of 0 means it's disabled and you ll match players that are in your original division. It works in Elite aswell. Activate it in Ultimate Team menu. If you are in division 1 for example, you can spoof to division 10 for easier opponents, and if you win the match, it will count to your promotion to the next division and also for the weekly/season rewards. While you are in elite and spoof outside it, it'll count only for objecties/rewards.

Hide Origin ID

You need to activate this feature in Ultimate Team menu if you want to avoid being reported while in match by your opponent, when activating this, the opponent won't be able to see your EA profile and report you for cheating. Keep in mind if they are determined, they might be able to report you directly to EA in a ticket, which means you are not 100% safe either way but most of the players don't bother, so we assume it's a good option.

Competitive master switch

You can enable the grayed out options on the game controller settings. Those options give you more assistance when playing.

Squad Battles & other

2x match time

This feature will make the match end faster, so instead of playing 8 minutes in total, the match will end in 4 real minutes.

Freeze ball

This feature will freeze the ball 10-15m in the air so no player can touch it, DO NOT USE IT in any ONLINE mode of Ultimate Team like Rivals, Draft, Weekend LEAGUE. You can use it in Squad Battles matches. Activate it in match, when you think it's the right time to do it.

Pro Clubs : Unlimited skill points

Unlimited skill points to max your player attributes, it stays forever even if you don't use the hack later and close the game.
More features will be added with the time!