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Last Updated on July 20, 2023
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  • NooBreaker
    TBM: 35/0/0
    Join Date: Oct 2015
    Posts: 81
    Received Thanks: 16
    "working realy good"
  • psygangnam
    AuroraCT Distributor
    TBM: 1/0/0
    Join Date: Oct 2012
    Posts: 192
    Received Thanks: 31
    "This is one of the more better Battlebit cheat i've used...
    Aimbot is a solid 10/10, the only cheat with such price where you can get legit sniper kills with it
    ESP is very smooth, love the skeleton outline of players, along with mine ESP, very useful
    Radar is kinda redundant, 99% of the time i dont even notice it
    Overall, VIPER is very easy to setup, less than 1min to load everything. Will be buying after my free key ends!"
  • XTZ_
    Junior Member
    TBM: 0/0/0
    Join Date: Sep 2020
    Posts: 2
    Received Thanks: 0
    "Wow, just wow... Used it like crazy, easy to inject, acurate aimbot and low cpu usage... Certainly a great choice!!"
    Last edited by XTZ_; 07/01/2023 at 18:29.
  • saixo
    ♥ My Friends the Feds
    TBM: 44/0/0
    Join Date: Oct 2014
    Posts: 599
    Received Thanks: 366
    "Just bought a month because i really like this cheat. The others did not convinced me as they lack basic stuff, while they add detected misc. features which get you banned within hours.

    With Viper i played up to lvl 62 now & when somebody accuses me of cheating in chat, others even defend me

    Even farmed one of the devs a bit"
  • Abi
    TBM: 29/0/0
    Join Date: Feb 2017
    Posts: 72
    Received Thanks: 20
    "Using it on windows 11, he helped me alot, the cheese is working perfectly smooth am currently using the ai vs online option which is op af haha"
  • axe2005
    TBM: 3/0/0
    Join Date: Feb 2016
    Posts: 42
    Received Thanks: 10

    Been customer for weeks and I may say ... this is the most realiable hack and support service I ve used ... I use thier Futlic and Accenta warzone hacks booth of them works totally safe ... I even was unsure and only buying one day keys ... but ended buying the month and will keep on going ... totally safe for the account and gives you all the adventage to stop hard trying and start enjoying !!"

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