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Gray Zone Warfare Fecurity Hack

Master Gray Zone Warfare with Fecurity's Hack for strategic gameplay and a superior gaming experience.

System Requirements and Information

Supported CPU  Intel CPU (AMD not stable)
Supported OS  Windows 10 & 11
How to check my OS version?
On the search bar, type "Winver" to check your Windows version.

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ESP (Visuals)

See players character, information, loot etc. through walls. (WallHack)

➧ Enabled - Visuals enabled
➧ Enemy only - Visuals for enemies only
➧ Box - Draw player box
➧ Box outline
➧ Health - Draw health bar
➧ Skeleton - Draw skeleton
➧ Maximum Distance - Distance for visuals, skeleton, box
➧ Player info - Nickname, distance, etc


Automatically aim at your enemies. (Aim Lock)

➧ Enabled - Aimbot enabled
➧ Aim at shoot
➧ Aimbot type (silent or vectored)
➧ Visible only
➧ Enemy only
➧ Draw FOV
➧ Hitbox priority
➧ Aim key
➧ Second aim key

Misc (Special options)

Miscellaneous features and exploits. (Special options)

➧ Recoil compensator
➧ Magic bullets
➧ Custom ESP colors
➧ Custom crosshair