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EFT Arena Hack Hyperion

EFT Arena Hack by Hyperion offers advanced features for strategic gameplay. Get the edge now and transform your arena battles!

System Requirements and Information

Supported CPU  Intel , AMD
Supported OS  Windows 10 & 11

How to check my OS version?

On the search bar, type "Winver" to check your Windows version.



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EFT Arena Hack - Hyperion Cheat

Introducing the 'EFT Arena Hack by Hyperion,' a revolutionary toolset transforming the EFT Arena battlefield. This hack, designed for strategic dominance, equips players with advanced ESP features like Box ESP for enhanced player visibility and Line ESP with Position for strategic planning. The Distance, Bone, and Name ESP functionalities provide a deep insight into enemy positions and health, while the Head Box and Player Weapon features give you an edge in combat. With Item ESP, even the most elusive in-game items become easily accessible.

The Aimbot functionality of Hyperion sets a new standard in precision and adaptability. With options for Aimbot activation and customization, including adjustable field of view and smoothness, players can tailor their combat style to perfection. The Aimbot's sensitivity adjustments and Target Line with Position ensure that your shots are not only accurate but also strategically executed.

Hyperion further enhances gameplay with its array of additional features. Custom Crosshair personalization offers a unique aiming experience, while the Bomb Danger Indicator keeps you alert to nearby threats. The No Recoil and No Sway features ensure that every shot counts, keeping your aim stable and accurate. These features, combined with Hyperion's compatibility with both Windows 10 and 11 and various CPUs, make it a versatile and indispensable tool for any EFT Arena player.

Step into the world of EFT Arena armed with the Hyperion Hack, and experience gaming like never before. This hack doesn’t just assist; it transforms your gameplay, making every match in EFT Arena a testament to your enhanced skills and strategic prowess. With Hyperion by your side, every battle is an opportunity for victory, redefining your gaming journey in the exhilarating world of EFT Arena.


ESP (Visuals)
See players' characters, information, loot, and more through walls.
Line ESP with position
Distance ESP
Bone ESP
Name ESP
Health Bar
Health text
Head box
Player weapon
Dead Player Backpack
Max Distance
Item ESP
Automatically aim at your enemies with a hotkey toggle.
Aimbot Active
Aimbot Hotkey
Adjustable Aim FOV
Adjustable Aim Smoothness
Aimbot Sensitivity
Target bone selector
Target Line with position
Misc (Special options)
Miscellaneous features and exploits for added fun.
Custom Crosshair
Bomb Danger
No Recoil
No Sway