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To properly run the hack, follow the instructions and steps.
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Run the loader as an administrator.
Enter the license key you received from the shop.
Once the key is approved, you will get a message "in Fut menu push button (HOME)". Don't close the loader and run the game.
Once you are in the Ultimate team main menu, press the key HOME, then wait couple of seconds and press the INSERT key on your keyboard to show the menu. Browse the hack by clicking on the menu buttons.

*Leave then enter squad menu to show the new players links, traits, attributes, etc... changes.

*Skill moves and GTF are visible to your opponent, other functions are visible to you only.

*Legacy defending: Enable it once in the match, not before, or you'll be disconnected.
How to use the "No loss" hack:
So, basically, you need to play a Division Rival match after you use the "No Loss" feature on a Fut Champ match, because if you just go ahead and use no loss again on a second FutChmp match, the previous game will count as a lost game.

In short, "Play FutChmp match > Use no loss > Play DR match > Use no loss" so this way when you start another FutChmp match, only the DR match will count as a lost match.
How to use squad battles features:
How to use Pro clubs unlimited skill points:
How to use: Green time finish - GTF
How to activate: Legacy Defending