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XDefiant Hack by Frag

Gain a competitive edge in Tom Clancy's XDefiant with the XDefiant Frag Hack and skillfully lead your team to victory.

System Requirements and Information

Supported CPU  Intel & AMD
Supported OS  Windows 10 & 11
How to check my OS version?
On the search bar, type "Winver" to check your Windows version.

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7 days
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30 days
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Work in progress! The actual cheat may have more features than displayed below. We will do our best to update it fully in the near future.

ESP (Visuals)

See players character, information, loot etc. through walls. (WallHack)

➧ Box ESP
➧ Skeleton ESP
➧ Player Names
➧ Player Health
➧ Filter Teammates
➧ Distance
➧ Customisable Colors
➧ FOV Circle


Automatically aim at your enemies. (Aim Lock)

➧ Aim Active
➧ Aim Key selector
➧ Aim bone target
➧ Smoothing
➧ Distance
➧ Multipoint
➧ Filter Teams

Misc (Special options)

Miscellaneous features and exploits. (Special options)

➧ Save Configs
➧ Export Configs