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HOW TO USE XDefiant Frag Hack

To properly run the hack, follow the instructions and steps.
*For this testing we are running the game in WINDOW OR BORDERLESS mode. This project won't work with fullscreen mode.

*This project does require the CFG DISABLED (Search the option at the Exploit protection settings from Windows) otherwise the game will always crash.

*This project will not work if FaceIT or Riot vanguard are installed. Remove them first. Also, in the event you have forgotten but attempted to login an error will show. Close the window and retry.

*If you use too low smooth level, the server could end up kicking you from the game, beware.
*WARNING: Discord, Medal and Overwolf overlay will block the cheat usage. Be sure to disable these overlays first before using the project !!!.
1. You must Turn ON Ubisoft Overlay Check at the Interface settings from Ubisoft connect
2. Use Direct X 11 mode, Do NOT Enable Direct X 12! This can be checked at the ingame graphics. Also be sure the game is on window borderless mode.
With the settings above met, and the GAME CLOSED, extract now the Loader zip files to your PC.

DO NOT Place loader exe file directly on C drive folder or your Desktop
Make a Sub folder on C drive and put loader in there!
Open the loader as an administrator.
A new window should open,insert the key you have received at the store and press SIGN IN.
A confirmation window will be shown on the right side of the screen, press START INJECTION PROCESS to begin the injection.

*The preparation should begin at this point. Do not close the window until it is confirmed by a message to "Open XDefiant"
Open the game in BORDERLESS MODE and once you reach the game lobby, press the button INSERT to inject the cheat to the game and wait a few seconds.

-> If everything worked as intended you should be able to see the menu on the left side of the screen. Operate with it by pressing the button INSERT from your keyboard to open/close the menu and using the clicking to enable/ disable edit the options.