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HOW TO USE Dark And Darker PREMIUM Hack

To properly run the hack, follow the instructions and steps.
Before use: Disable secure boot!

In case of error
1. Disable secure boot in your BIOS (delete secure boot keys!)
2. Disable fast startup in Windows.

3. Disable Windows Defender.
If you don't properly disable it, you will most likely receive a game ban.
I recommend to use this:

4. Disable UAC.
5. Download and install (Visual-C-Runtimes-All-in-One-Feb-2022):
Extract and open the Premium loader as an administrator.
The loader should become visible. From here paste the serial key you have obtained from the shop and then click Login.

*The loader should check for possible updates and prepare your system. In case this loader self close. Open it one more time.
*The cheat will request you permission to spoof your HWID.
*Once confirmed the spoofer. The cheat will request you a sytem restart, press OK and wait for the loader to restart your machine automatically.

The spoofer is applied while you restart (In case you have selected to use it)
After the loader automatically restarted your PC. Launch the game.
If everything is done and no issues appear, you should be able to see the FOV circle once you reach the lobby. To operate with the menu use the Button DELETE and to fully close it (need cheat restart) use the button END.

Important: If you are unable to see the menu ingame even if you got Cheat Loaded! message. Be sure your Discord overlay is not active.